On 12th April at 6:00 PM, the first exhibition of the large-scale

Sixty-eight towns and cities in Bulgaria will have the opportunity to visit his "Alien" characters.

Published by Manol Petrov, 26 Mar 2018

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Why Tvarditsa?

I have nothing to do with this town and no recollection whatsoever of buying anything made in it either. My decision is totally emotional and related to an experience I will never forget. I was having a vacation in the town of Elena and just for curiosity’s sake I made my way through the Tvardish Pass. It was well after midnight and there, in front of my car, sprang up a world, like a kind of a déjà vu. I had been escorted by tiny animals all the way till the point when I found myself facing some enormous light. That was an experience which changed my life forever. Was it an alien civilization that I came across? Yes, I am totally convinced about that! What do they look like? Come to the exhibition and see by yourselves. You have known aliens from comic books and tend to liken them to characters. In my exhibition, they are consciousness, purely cosmic consciousness to which I have tried to give a shape. A few days later, I went back through the same Pass and stopped to rest opposite the book and culture club of Tvarditsa. The architecture of the building is in every way equal to that of the other world galleries, and in the age of internet, it makes no difference whether you exhibit in Tvarditsa or Toronto. The magnificent book and culture club aroused my curiosity to the other buildings which, with very few exceptions, turned out to be extremely nice-looking ones, worthy of presenting my "Aliens". I dreamt about travelling around the world, but for a start, I think to set out on a tour of Bulgaria, and there is no better trip for an artist than the one which shows his works to audiences.

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