• In the spring of 2020 twelve bronze sculptures, made by me are going on a mission to the Moon!
    Exhibition of the Moon 2020
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Selected from Mono Petra

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  • Two Moons


    • author: Mono Petra
    • size: 116 x 89 cm.
    • technique: oil on canvas


    • author: Mono Petra
    • the size for pasybox : 14 x 12.5 x 8 cm.
    • the size on the paspartu: 13.8 x 11.8 cm.
    • size on the poster 9 x 7 cm.

  • Step on two tiles



    • Two white tiles 15 x 15 cm, total size 15 x 30 cm.
    • Technology: glaze on oven-baked ware
    • Purpose: detail in a bathroom or rooms that are dressed in one-color faience

The Stories of Mono Petra

Last farewell to the Albino.

Whenever they ask me why I took up painting, people get the impression that it was because of my stay in Paris. Perhaps for that reason too, but the real push for me to start taming colors and images lies somewhere else. With all other arts you keep thinking about the story you are shaping up. As for me, I found that painting was the only thing which takes my mind entirely to the Lord in prayer. Thus painting seemed to me the most divine of all art ploys.

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